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Our emergency ward is fully operational round the clock. Emergency cases can be admitted at any time of the day.

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  • A fully functioning emergency services that provide round the clock services.

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Ty Cobb Health care is equipped with the state of the art instruments and equipment of the best laboratories in the country.

  • Our lab facility is ranked among the best and has created a reputation among the people

  • With the advanced tech we are known for our perfect diagnostics.

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Best talents in the world in the cardiology sector are working to provide the best services.
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A properly equipped emergency clinic that is ready to offer their services at any time of the day.
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With the latest tech and talented professionals our diagnosis department is one of the best in the country.
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One of the best primary care centers in the country. With talented professionals and experienced staff, the worry about your health can take the back seat.
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We have one of the highest success rates in vascular surgery in the world.
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We are performing more than a hundred surgeries every year. It is one of the highest in the world.

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What Are The Health Benefits Of Coffee?

parent drinking coffee

Coffee is among the most popular beverages in the world and given the number of sites that are selling coffee beans onlinethe popularity of the drink is higher than ever. Given how many beneficial nutrients it has, as well as having robust levels of antioxidants, it’s also surprisingly healthy. In fact, numerous studies have shown that those who can tolerate coffee or can have caffeine can enjoy reduced risks of a number of potentially severe diseases. Keep reading to learn more about the health benefits of coffee.

One of the biggest and best things coffee does for you is boosting your levels of energy. That’s because of the caffeine content, which typically blocks one of the brain’s inhibitory neurotransmitters, so there’s a stimulant effect after that. Physical energy levels go up, mood improves, and certain brain functions work better. Caffeine is easily the most widely consumed psychoactive substance around the world, as it travels through the bloodstream into the brain where it blocks adenosine. In response, dopamine and norepinephrine both boost in levels, firing up neurons that help people with reaction times and memory. Caffeine is typically associated with soft drinks that pack a lot of sugar and calories, but coffee’s composition is different, which means the caffeine can actually help you lose weight. In fact, if you look at most fat-burning supplements available on the market, you’ll see caffeine in 90 percent of them. A number of studies have shown that caffeine can boost a person’s metabolic rate by anywhere from 3 up to 11 percent. Others show that obese individuals might see fat burning go up by 10 percent, but leaner folks can see as much as 29 percent. On the other hand, the longer you drink coffee, the more these results diminish.

Something else coffee can do for you is to possibly lower your chances of winding up with Type 2 diabetes, which millions already have, and many more are potentially facing later on. It’s not quite known why coffee drinkers have lower risk, but studies have shown that the heaviest coffee drinkers cut their odds by a quarter to even half. One outlying study even showed reductions as much as two-thirds. In average, each cup of coffee per day lowers diabetes odds by 7 percent.

Another thing that coffee seems to prevent is dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is a very common neurodegenerative disease and a primary source of dementia around the world. It often hits people after the age of 65, and there’s no cure known. Yet, research shows that coffee drinkers have reduce their odds of Alzheimer’s by 65 percent.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know some of the many health benefits of coffee. Some are suspected more than confirmed, but research is showing more advantages all the time. Having said this, check with your doctor before starting a coffee regimen if you’re not a regular drinker of it already. Anyone pregnant, with a heart condition, or a sensitivity to caffeine shouldn’t drink coffee unless they stick to decaf. Moderation usually means two or three cups per day. Anyone drinking more than that might actually need a caffeine detox in order to reset their physical tolerance to lower levels so they can start enjoying the health benefits of coffee in the first place.

Fortunately, nearly every store and restaurant across the country serves or sells coffee, and there are a wide variety of flavours and aromas you can choose from so you can suit your own taste. Just make sure you don’t cut out the health benefits by putting in high-fat creme or too much sugar. Also, while decaf won’t have as many health benefits, it will still be a rich source of antioxidants.

How to prevent cold and flu during rainy season!

Prevent Cold

The human body fights everyday to keep virus and bacteria at bay especially during the rainy season as it is the time of the year when the body becomes more susceptible to getting ill due to the increase of virus and bacteria in the atmosphere. With the sudden change in temperature, the chance of getting cold and flu in this season is very high and therefore it is important for you to know how to prevent cold and flu during rainy season! When the immunity system of the body becomes weaker, the risk of getting cold and infections increases which makes people sick and thus you need to know the ways of strengthening your immunity system so that you will become healthy in the rainy season.

Prevent Cold

Effects of cold and flu on the body

-Weakening of immune system

-Limits your productivity

-Increases chances of illness

-Body is exposed to many other virus and bacteria

How to prevent cold and flu during rainy season!

Nutritional intake of food

The best way of preventing cold and flu is by eating nutritional rich food as it is the best way of strengthening your immune system that will prevent your body from falling sick. You will need to consume food that will help in boosting your immunity system as it will help you to keep flu and infection at bay and you will also become healthier during the rainy season so that you will not face any kind of health problems.

Importance of vitamin C

You should never underestimate the importance of adding vitamin C on your everyday diet as it helps in preventing and curing cold in the rainy season so that you will not face any kind of health problems. A good amount of vitamin C will help in fighting the cold which is attributed to the amount of antibodies that will keep cold related infections at bay so that you will become healthier.

Avoid consuming junk food

Rainy season is the time of the year when the risk of getting cold, flu and infections is very high which makes it very important for you to avoid junk foods as it is the main cause of infections. Moreover during monsoon season, the growth of virus and bacteria is very high and therefore you should not consume junk foods or the foods that are sold outdoors as they are not cleaned and cooked hygienically.

Get adequate sleep

Proper sleep is considered as the most reliable defense against any kind of infection caused during the rainy season and therefore you will need to get enough sleep so that your immunity system will become strong. Hence you will need to sleep for at least seven to eight hours so that you will become healthier and your body will be able to repair and replace the aging cells, tissues and muscles. The immunity system of the body should be strong enough so that your body will not be attacked by virus and bacteria that are very common during the monsoon season.


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They provide the best services. The primary health care needs a special mention. The staffs are very friendly and professional.


The doctors at Tycobb Health Care are very experienced. My dad had an operation there. It is very cheap when compared to most of the hospitals.


They have properly functioning emergency center. I met with a minor accident and went there. Even though it was minor, they made to give proper attention and did all the necessary things. These people are very dedicated.